Heart Stops Necklace

$350.00 & Free Shipping

Featuring dual strand oval chain sections punctuated at circle links, with two intricate cuttlefish cast elements, this gorgeous necklace is subtly elaborate and frames the body divinely.

This piece is 100% .925 sterling silver, entirely handmade in Meanjin using a blend of traditional metal smithing techniques and cuttlefish casting. It is a unique 1-of-1 piece and is ready to ship.

Length: 45.5cm, with the option of shortening the necklace by simply securing the hook clasp to a closer chain link.

Weight: 50g.

About cuttlefish casting: an ancient method of casting wherein passively collected cuttlefish bones are carved into one-off casting moulds, into which molten metal is poured, imprinting the positive object with a pattern unique to each bone.